The Needle & Pin, February 2017

So often, you have to compromise when out for food and drink. If you go somewhere where the food is good, the beer will often be very limited, or not very good. If you go somewhere where the beer is good, the food may have been neglected, or they don’t do food at all.

Thankfully there are places where compromise is not necessary, and my pub of the year 2016 is one of those. As you might expect šŸ™‚

How do they do this? Simple. There’s no kitchen. You bring the food, they bring the beer. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know that’s something that we do quite often. If you just want a quick sandwich or salad, you can pop over the road to The Hog Stop to stock up on porky goodness. You can bring other things in from nearby food outlets. Or you can do what we usually do, which is to order pizza from our local pizza place, Peter. They deliver here, by hand, and it was one of the only places that they delivered to until they signed up with Deliveroo.

So, on to the thing that the Needle & Pin does best. Beer. Since my last visit, a fourth hand pump has been installed, so they now have four ales on cask at all times. Tonight my choice was Barefoot Blonde from Tenby Brewing company, a delicious pint full of delightful grassy, citrus hoppiness. I’ve had a few Tenbys now, and all have been good. And luckily I know someone who regularly visits Tenby, so I shall make sure he brings me some more back šŸ™‚

Here comes the food bit, my favourite Peter pizza, number 3, “The Sausages”. More on that (briefly) here.

On to another beer, this time from the bottle. Thornbridge’sĀ Raindrops On Roses was theĀ winning brew from their 2016 “Great British Homebrew Challenge”. ThisĀ hazy gold beer has a gentleĀ aroma of rose and lemon, something like Turkish delight with a slight hoppy character.

As it was a work night, it was time to be off home. Back again soon!

Peter Pizza (takeaway), February 2017

Another prompt pizza post. We’d been out at the cinema watching T2 : Trainspotting and decided to head out to The Needle & Pin for a pizza and a pint. The N&P was one of the few places that Peter delivered to, although they are now using Deliveroo to deliver pizza to hungry fans.

However, they still deliver to the N&P by hand. So we ordered by phone whilst walking from the cinema to the N&P. We arrived, ordered some beer, sat down, and then just a few minutes later, the pizza arrived. As usual I ordered number 3, “The Sausages”. Mrs MOFAD had number 7, “No 7”, which features ham and salami.

Tasty pizza as ever, a perfect accompaniment to a tasty pint at the N&P.