Sherwin Arms, Bramcote, January 2017, visit 2

Another quick and simple post. You might have deja vu. We do, because we came to this very pub just seven days ago. As with the last visit, another opportunity to catch up with friends presented itself, so we returned to this increasingly familiar pub.

Once again we were just looking for something simple so Mrs MOFAD had the chicken tikka again (always a fan of a pub curry). I opted for the “sizzling” gammon, served on a sizzling platter of onions and mushrooms with chips with peas, and a choice of fried egg or pineapple. This “choice” annoys me. You should be able to have both. If you don’t have one or the other available, fine. If both are available, serve it with both.

The little dish of peas is also an annoyance. Why do they need to be in a separate dish? Just makes them harder to eat! The sizzling gimmick iron thing, I can vaguely understand (although it’s not really necessary), as they do seem to love the drama of trailing a plume of smoke through the pub with a sizzling dish.

Once again Mrs MOFAD liked the curry, and my gammon was reasonable. The gimmicky presentation just gets in the way of things though. Not really the kind of place where you get some decent English mustard to go with your gammon either, but pleasant chain pub grub.

No beer review tonight, because once again I didn’t have one. Still only Greene King “IPA” available, there is another pump that should have some actual beer on it, but seven days later and there’s still nothing on.

As with last week, there was a pub quiz on, but we couldn’t hang around so headed off…