Boo to the 555

This is not food and drink related, but it’s my blog, so there.

It’s a quick rant about a bus. Today we did a walk along the eastern side of Thirlmere, arriving at The King’s Head Hotel in time for a late lunch. It was a little later than planned, but that was ok. It was always our intention to get the bus back to our starting point at the southern end of Thirlmere.

The 555 is the “main” bus through Cumbria, running from Lancaster to Kendal and then following the A591 through Windermere, Ambleside, Rydal, Grasmere, Thirlmere and on to Keswick. Whenever you are in Cumbria, you will always see a 555. Whenever we passed one it was a bit of a running joke to exclaim “555!”

The Lake District National Park Authority are always on at visitors to “leave the car behind” and to “enjoy the views without worrying about traffic or parking and help the environment”. We are all for that.


We were all for that. Until we got on the 555, to take us from The King’s Head Hotel, Thirlmere down to Wythburn Church. A journey of 3 miles along a main road, which takes around 6 minutes.

This journey cost us £3.50 each. So why would we ditch the car? Even at some of the most expensive car parks in Cumbria (and there are plenty of these, lots of them have credit card machines) you can usually park for less than £7 for the whole day.

I did tweet Stagecoach about this (operators of the 555):-

Dear @StagecoachCNL

How on earth can you justify a bus fare of £3.50 for a journey of 3 miles/6 minutes on the 555 alongside Thirlmere?

They couldn’t justify it. All they did was to confirm that the fare was correct. Correct it may be, but surely it’s not right? How does that encourage the use of public transport?

Anyway, mini rant over, back to wittering on about food and drink…

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