The Beer Hall, Staveley, December 2016

A flying visit this time. We had originally planned to have lunch here and sample a few brews but the lack of availability of beers for Mrs MOFAD when we arrived led to a change of plan. We decided to head elsewhere for some food, but paid a quick visit to the shop to stock up on a few beers for me. Darkness was the theme this time, with one exception.

That exception is the Oat Wine, brewed in collaboration with Wild Beer Co. A take on the classic Barley Wine style but dominated by oats not barley. Brewed with 50% oats, rye, barley and wheat, double mashed and hopped with English hop varieties Admiral and First Gold then matured in cask for 12 months.

Brodie’s Prime Export is a new version of Brodie’s Prime, brewed to export strength to create a rich, complex, strong dark ale. English Maris Otter malted barley, dark malts and a medley of English and American hops produce aromas of dark chocolate, treacle sweet flavours, roasted bitterness, a surprising fruitiness and a long dry finish.

Hop Black is a black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale. Clean, restrained malt flavours come from de-husked dark malt, which lays a platform for the sort of hoppiness usually found not in a dark ale but in an American-style IPA. Aromas of tropical fruit, resinous pine, and more, emerge from a medley of highly flavoured American hops.

Northern Imperial Stout is exactly that, a full bodied, deep, rich, complex, intense, strong black beer. Chocolate, coffee and roasted flavours are at the forefront, dark stone fruit is in the background. The finish is bitter-sweet and warming. Read Less

The Bourbon barrel aged version is the same, but aged in barrels that previously held Buffalo Trace bourbon to bring more notes of vanilla and spice.

Tonka is a deep, dark, unfiltered, velvety ale, aged with a smattering of tonka beans (often used as a vanilla substitute) and cacao nibs to give luscious layers of flavour: chocolate, vanilla, coconut, almond, bitter cherry, rolling into the richness of dark malts – a sumptuous beer.

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