2016 – a year in beer

This is another of my “statto” posts. In 2014 I started using Untappd to keep track of the beers that I have been drinking. It’s a great little app if you are a beer explorer, as it helps you to find new beers and avoid beers that you’ve had in the past that you didn’t really like all that much.

For the past couple of years, I’ve done a quick statistical round up at the end of the year, mostly for my own interest. In 2015 I tasted 515 new beers and ciders. This year that went up very slightly to 528 beers and ciders, including those from another 4 different states/counties/countries (on top of the 31 from the last 2 years). Although it’s not about the numbers.

This year’s statistics could be slightly skewed by the antics of the Great New Zealand Road Trip 2016. We visited a few breweries, and we were taking every opportunity to seek out new beers and cider wherever we were.

If you organise your own mini beer festival, which we christened the “Summer House Beer Festival“, then you’re bound to be sampling lots of beers. That was literally the whole point of it.

I also have to thank The Needle & Pin for giving me lots of opportunities to try new beers. I’d say at least 10% of my beers this year have either come from or been sampled at the N&P (including 17 during the legendary craft beer tasting night).

The arrival of the Needle & Pin craft beer club has also helped in my quest to try new beers. The club has served up 18 beers so far, 16 of which were new to me. When I’ve been down to pick them up, I’ve always come back with a few more, as the header image of this post shows.

Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings, starting with #tryanuary


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