Tweedies Bar, Dale Lodge Hotel, Grasmere, December 2016

We’ve been here before. Quite a few times actually, as we almost always incorporate a trip to this lovely bar into our winter walks. It’s only 363 days since we were last here.

One of the best things about coming here is the beer selection. When there are loads of great beers on, but you have to drive home after your walk, sometimes your heart sinks a bit. Tweedies have the solution – the beer bat or beer paddle, or beer thingy, or wooden bat, or any other name that you care to give it. This give you the chance to try three individual beers served in a 1/3 pint glass. No need to miss out on the chance to explore lots of ales.

Those three beers were (from left to right) Convive Blonde by Box Social Brewing (a hoppy pale delight, supremely sessionable), Southern Summit by Loch Lomond Brewery (yummy sessionable bitterness and delightfully pale) and Northumbrian Blonde by Mordue Brewery (another great session pale ale).

With such a great selection of ales available on cask/keg, you would hope they would also have a good selection in bottles. And they do. Including Sleeping Lemons by Wild Beer Co, which is like a brewed cloudy lemonade – zesty and refreshing.

Now on to the food. A posh fish finger sandwich for me (served the way I serve it, without the bread cut in half), with a nice dressed salad on the side, and some fries (not pictured).

It was very tasty, a nice hand made tartare sauce inside. Mrs MOFAD opted for the rarebit (total cheese fest!) with a nice chutney on the side. It was warming and delicious, and went well with the zingy Sleeping Lemons which cuts through the richness of the cheese.

Another lovely trip to Tweedies, it’s as good and as popular as ever and should be incorporated into any walk in the area wherever possible!


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