The White Lion, Ambleside, December 2016

A two part story this one. Not for the first time, we arrived at The White Lion to find that we couldn’t have dinner. We have been here plenty of times before, but they do often seem to have problems with their kitchen or their chef. Tonight they were having kitchen issues, so were only able to honour existing bookings and couldn’t serve food to anyone else. So we wandered elsewhere for dinner and then returned.

Because there was a pub quiz on. Which is why we wanted to be here. It was time for another outing of the minimal version of My Pointless Friend Richard, which consists of me and Mrs MOFAD.

No pub quiz should be attempted without refreshement, and as the quiz had already started before we arrived (before its advertised start time), Mrs MOFAD rushed to the bar to grab some drinks, including a pint of Dave for me:-

This of course leads to much sketch quoting. Hello Dave! Is that Dave? Is Dave there?

Dave the beer is described as a dark, red bitter brewed with chocolate and Crystal malts and English hops. I found it to be more more mild than bitter, but malty and pleasant.

And it certainly helped with the quiz, as we were joint winners, winning a £10 gift card, which will pay for some of our dinner on another night I suspect!


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