The Queen’s Head, Ambleside, December 2016

An unplanned dinner. As mentioned in my White Lion post, they were having kitchen troubles again, so we needed to find somewhere else to eat before our assault on the pub quiz in the White Lion (which is why we had come out tonight). We’ve been to The Queen’s Head a few times before over the years, so it was a simple decision to nip across the road and dive in here for a quick dinner. A creamy and smooth porter to refresh the palate first (although nothing interesting for Mrs MOFAD) :-

Plenty of pub classics to choose from on the menu, and we both opted for the chicken breast wrapped in bacon and served with a creamy mushroom sauce, chips and “seasonal veg” which included this rather anaemic looking cabbage.

I like my cabbage to be a vibrant dark green and full of irony goodness. This cabbage wasn’t that, very stalky and crunchy. The parnsips and carrots were nice, and the chips were great, crispy on the outside and floofy in the middle.

The sauce was lovely too and it made for a very nice meal – we were in and out fairly quickly but that is exactly what we were aiming to do. On another day we could have lingered a little longer and had dessert and a pudding beer, but there was a pub quiz with our name on it across the road, so we headed back out into the dark night…


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