The brilliance of Booths, December 2016

One day I’ll stop writing gushing blog posts about Booths. Today is not that day. Our first day of holiday means a trip to the supermarket to stock up on essentials. As well as the usual food stuff, it’s also a chance to pick up a beer or two. Or eighteen. Many of these will come home (some are for friends), but some of them will be sampled in the next week.

There is still debate about canning beer, there’s lots of science around the amount of oxygen that does or doesn’t get in during canning. Thornbridge for example are anti-canning, but so many breweries are moving towards cans for their ales.

In amongst this tower of beer you’ll find local brews from Hawkshead, a couple from across the Pennines, Northern Monk and Magic Rock, and a Flat Pack Fruit Bat from BrewDog (a collaboration with Swedish brewery Omnipollo).

There are also some from further afield, such as AEgir Bryggeri from Norway (when did you last see a Norwegian beer anywhere, let alone in a supermarket alongside your fruit and veg?) Staying in Europe, there are also cans from Stone Brewing in Berlin.

If that’s not exotic enough for you, how about a trip to America? No AB Inbev filth here (it is available if that’s your thing), instead we have Crazy Mountain Brewing Company from Edwards, Colorado and Two Roads Brewing Company from Stratford, Conneticut.

All of that in a sleepy Cumbrian town supermarket. A superb selection.


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