Low Sizergh Barn, December 2016

Low Sizergh Barn has become a fixture in our Lakes trips. It’s usually where we now stop for lunch before the last (short) leg of the journey. You do have to brave a short single track road if approaching from the south, but it’s worth it. As well as serving up some tasty lunch, the farm shop downstairs is full of great local produce as well as some things from a bit further afield. It is perfect for stocking up if you are coming here for a week in a self-catering cottage (just as a random example).

Lunch first though, and a Cumberland sausage ciabatta and some salad to keep me going for the rest of the day. Always a lovely lunch at the LSB, which is why there is always a queue for a table, but waiting is well worth it.

A note about raw milk.

Just a few days before we arrived, a recall was issued on all raw milk sold from the LSB due to a link to six confirmed cases of campylobacter infection. Raw milk is not treated or heated before being sold. It’s like Louis Pasteur never existed. Any talk of milk problems can only lead to a classic 1990s sketch…


Since they started selling raw milk in March 2016, LSB have been very active on social media talking about how great it is, but it seems that has rather backfired at the moment…


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