Merry Xmas from the Ministry!

It’s the big day. Hope you’ve had lots of tasty food and drink related gifts, alongside all of the other stuff like jumpers, socks, smellies and books. I’m sure some of you have received some new or exotic ingredients or chutneys or chilli jams or similar.

After a traditional breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, there will be a full Xmas roast dinner later on. I’m on duty as usual, with MOFAD sous-chef Jo, recreating our Xmas dinner team of 2014. I love cooking Xmas dinner, dancing and singing around the kitchen (if no-one’s watching) and bringing everything together to create an enhanced version of the usual Sunday roast. A cheeky drink or two helps things along nicely.

Wine with turkey? Red or white? Sparkling? Or beer? Or cider? Or perry? The choice is yours, there are so many drinks that will match nicely to your Xmas meal. We have a few things to choose from.

The rest of the day will be all about rest, maybe a few Xmas games, bit of telly, and exploring some new presents perhaps. And then a turkey sandwich or two later on.

Have a lovely Xmas, normal MOFAD service will resume shortly. Pass the port!

(If you were wondering about the header image, it’s from one of our favourite days this year, when we cycled the “Wineries Ride” in Hawkes Bay. Our lunchtime of wine tasting, beer tasting, pizza and live musiclunchtime of wine tasting, beer tasting, pizza and live music was a blissful few hours…)