Christmas 2016 gift guide – Tiny Rebel Brewing Co

It all began in a garage in 2008 where Brad and Gazz were weekend homebrewers. In 2010 the idea for Tiny Rebel was born, with a few thousand pounds investment into some decent 50 litre homebrewing equipment and a pallet load of ingredients to kick start things. They made lots of test brews, and launched in 2012 with FUBAR and Urban IPA. Cwtch and Dirty Stop Out followed soon afterwards.

In April 2013 they decided to go global and began exporting to Denmark and Australia. They also created Hadouken, an “amplified IPA”, and entered the Great Welsh Beer Festival for the first time, taking gold, silver and bronze. In January 2015 the brewery expanded to allow them to produce 850,000 litres annually. And then in August, the big one – Cwtch became Overall Supreme Champion Beer of Britain.

In 2016 they also picked up a few trophies at the Intentional Beer Challenge Awards, including UK brewery of the year 2016, gold medals for Cwtch and Cali and a Bronze for Dirty Stop Out.

I’ve had many of these already. Dirty Stop Out is smoky, oaty, malty and gently hoppy. The Urban IPA is bursting with citrus hoppiness and it’s not hard to see why Cwtch was champion beer of Britain, great hoppiness with a red malt backbone.

Cali American Pale Ale is a classic modern American pale ale, full of good hop flavours. Clwb Tropicana is essentially Lilt with hops. Tropical fruit IPA happiness. Clwb Tropicana drinks may not be free but they are very tasty!


If you want some, you have just over 24 hours to get your order in.

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