Christmas 2016 beer gifts from Ales by Mail

There are lots of statistics bandied around about how many people you tell about a good customer service experience, and how many you tell about a bad one. The numbers vary, but it’s something between twice as many or ten times as many people that you tell about a bad experience.

Ales by Mail are nice people who give good service. The last time I ordered from them, they gave me good service. So I like them. They have a great range of beers (and some cider) on their web site. So I like them. They do deals. So I like them. They have special offers. So I like them.

There are over 100 breweries to choose from, including many of those that have already featured in this year’s gift guide posts. They have things you see in shops (BrewDog, Flying Dog, Fyne Ales, Hardknott, Thornbridge) and well as things that you only usually get direct from breweries (Cloudwater, Time and Tide, De Molen). This was the composition of my last selection box (all hand chosen by me, but they have several pre-mixed cases available if you want them to choose for you).


There’s so much to choose from that you’ll find plenty to please the beer lover in your life. Or just yourself if you’re stocking up your Christmas stocking for the festive season. Last orders for Xmas delivery should be made by midday on Monday 19th December, so get moving!

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