Festive Cheeky Nando’s, December 2016

You can read more about Nando’s (if you want) in my review from September. Today we were out for a small group festive meal. We had booked in advance, as like most places at this time of year, it was going to be absolutely packed. And it was. The queue to order was enormous. Nando’s policy is that it’s up to each individual restaurant manager to decide if they take bookings or not, and they don’t have a central list of who does and who doesn’t, so you have to ring your local and find out.

The menu remains the same as the last visit, with the addition of two festive specials. One is Peri-Orange Wings, the normal flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken wings, basted to your taste and topped with a sticky orange glaze.

The other is my choice for today, the Peri-Berry Burger. It’s essentially the normal burger with some sparkly berries (cranberry sauce with edible glitter). A Peri-Peri chicken breast fillet and a flame-grilled chicken thigh topped with glittery Peri-berry sauce, with baby spinach and creamy mayonnaise – all served in a “Portuguese roll” (crusty bap).

Accompanied by extra hot sauce of course. As we established last time, Nando’s sauces are not stupidly hot, so the extra hot won’t set your mouth on fire, just give you a nice hint of chilli. The sweetness of the berries works well with the heat of the chillies. This festive special was washed down with some 2M, that rarest of things, a beer from Mozambique.

A very nice festive chicken feast. Just remember to book at this time of year!

Christmas beery gifts 2016 – Wild Beer Co

I came across Wild Beer Co back in 2015 when I had a few cans of their Bibble pale ale. I’ve had quite a few more in 2016, picking up some at Booths, my favourite supermarket, and also quite a few from The Needle & Pin.

Starting with cans, the Madness IPA has a massive hoppy nose and delivers about 90% of that on the palate. “Fresh” is another crisp and hoppy American pale ale, and Pogo is another good can of beer with a super fruity nose and a slightly more relaxed palate.


There are lots of bottles too, and I’ve had some great ones so far. Wild Goose Chase was my first this year, full of fizzy tartness, sweet, sour and a dry finish. Just a shame that the late hops get lost in the mix. Sourdough was another good one, like a cider with the sweetness removed, a very nice sour. Somerset Wild is another “cider that’s not a cider”, a pale, sparkling sour with wild yeasts and bacteria from apple orchards. Zingy!

You’ll spot that they do these tart/sour beers quite well. Modus Operandi (Modus Vivendi) is another example of this, sweet, sour, blueberry, blackberry, red wine, fizz. So much going on, so little time. Epic Saison is also a super zingy thingy, sherbet lemons in liquid form. Although it is perhaps the most divisive beer ever seen in MOFAD towers, with Mrs MOFAD describing it as “like drinking a mouldy shed”.

You can buy all of these and more from their online shop:-


Order by the 20th of December to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.