The Apple Tree, West Bridgford, December 2016

Two pubs in one day? It’s a risk that you have to be prepared to take at this time of year 🙂 After a lovely lunch with my team at The Otter, tonight Mrs MOFAD and I were off to meet some friends for a birthday bash at another pub, this time The Apple Tree in West Bridgford, where we were robbed in a pub quiz on a previous visit (with many of the same people who were here tonight).

Nothing inspiring on the pumps tonight. So into the fridges for a bottle of Hiver honey beer which I’d heard of a while ago but never had. Imagine taking a lager and stirring in a teaspoon of honey. You’d get this.

After a full lunch, I wanted to keep it light, so opted for the sea bass with “crushed” new potatoes (they looked more pulverised than crushed), beans and peas and a lemon beurre blanc sauce. Actually, I think the menu describes the potatoes as “buttery baby potato champ”, and they are certainly not that which is why I mistook them for crushed. It was a bit of a mess really.

No matter, this was not a fine dining experience, just some food with friends. The sea bass (the important bit) was good, not over cooked and the sauce worked well. Just a shame that the veg were just a bit meh, but after such a nice lunch I wasn’t all that bothered. The food was much better for me last time, although Mrs MOFAD had a very good chicken tikka makhani. When you have over 30 options on your main menu, it can be hard to make sure they are all coming out at their best.


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