Christmas 2016 beer ideas – Vibrant Forest brewery

Here we go again with another in this year’s series of beer gift ideas. Vibrant Forest have been on the go for a good few years now, I first came across them in 2015 when I had a pint of Cydonia at The Filly Inn, which was hoppy, fruity and delicious. They had my attention!

In 2016 they have been all over my radar, thanks to MOFAD drinking and camping companion Matt, who has kept several of us well stocked with their beers. We enjoyed some Bourbon Oktober in July, and a very vibrant Salted Liquorice Stout in September (it’s now called Cambrian Root (after the “Cambrian explosion” around 541 million years ago, when most major animal phyla appeared on Earth).

In October, we held our own mini beer festival, at which many VF beers made an appearance. We loved the smooth coffee notes of Umbral Abyss, the mellow tartness of Zuur, the piquancy of Black Forest and the very special Imperial Red IPA (Special Edition). I also enjoyed a Summit, a classic hoppy modern pale ale.

If you want to buy some, their brewery shop and bar is open on a Friday from 12pm until 6pm and Saturday from 11am until 3pm. They will also be open on the following days leading up to Christmas:

December 22: 11AM to 6PM
December 23: 11AM to 6PM
December 24: 11AM to 3PM

You can also buy online direct from the brewery via Eebria:-


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