Christmas 2016 beer gifts – Thornbridge

I can’t really do a round up of beery gifts to buy your friends without mentioning Thornbridge can I? One of my very favourite “craft” breweries who have been brewing since 2005. I can still remember my first pint of Jaipur IPA from way back then. It was an instant hit with us drinkers and for Thornbridge. And they have gone from strength to strength ever since. I wrote about The Great Peak Weekender back in 2015 (we attended in 2014 too).

Their tagline is “Innovation. Passion. Knowledge.” Whilst most of these things are usually just corporate guffspeak, this one really fits. They know what they are doing, they are passionate about it, and they love to innovate. They produce lots of classical style ales light light ales, stouts, brown ales and bitters. That’s the knowledge and passion.

When it comes to innovation, they will have a go at lots of things. A peanut butter brown ale called Charlie Brown? Why not (it tastes lovely). A chocolate mint stout called Baize? Yes please! A beer to go with minty foods at last. A porter flavoured with Parma Violets (Parma Porter). Certainly. And it works. A sour ale or a strawberry sour ale? A 10% IPA that is insanely drinkable (Jaipur X). And a barrel aged Belgian golden ale that’s almost a cider. It’s called Serpent, and you could drink it with your Xmas turkey instead of wine.


They have lots of styles to suit various palates. Classic lagers, IPAs, imperial stouts and even a Christmas selection box.

You can buy many of these online here as well as some clothing and a few books:-

Standard delivery is 3-5 days so I’d suggest you order by the 19th of December…


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