The Needle & Pin Christmas 2016 opening hours

This is part gift guide post and part public service announcement. My favourite local pub have confirmed their Christmas opening hours.

From Friday 16th December they will be open from 12pm until 11pm every day (except for New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and a few hours on Christmas Day).  That means you will be able to drink excellent beer, order a Peter pizza to be delivered to your table, or bring some other food in to enjoy with a drink. You can also do some Christmas shopping for beer, and pick up lots of very interesting things from the shelves and the fridges. On Saturday 17th December they will also have a table of Christmas gift ideas upstairs from 12-4pm, including gift vouchers with a 10% bonus on every purchase.

npxmasHere’s just a taster of some of the great beers that I picked up on my last shopping trip, you’ll find something to suit all tastes (although some of these will have sold out by now)…



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