Christmas 2016 beer ideas from Essex -Brentwood Brewing Company

Another one from my travels this year. Not many breweries find themselves in an old potato barn, but this is a perfect site, with so much passing trade from the farm shop, where their beers are also on sale if the brewery is closed.

As you can see, I picked up a good selection on my last visit:-


The Special Reserve on the right hand side has been my favourite, but you probably can’t get that any more as there were only 100 ever made. Plumberry is dark, fruity and malty and the Winter Warmer is an ESB with them merest hint of spice. Summer Virgin is a gentle golden ale that also offers an opportunity for your own Essex virgin jokes.

Ale-Klahoma is a good bitter, as is Hope and Glory, which has good malty notes. The IPA is described as lightly hopped, and is certainly as described, so you might want to look elsewhere if you are wanting a hoppy beast although I know some people prefer a less hoppy IPA.

Plenty to choose from for your Xmas selection box:-