The Needle & Pin, December 2016

It’s only 8 days since I was last here, at the great Thornbridge night. But after a nice dinner at Centro Lounge, we decided to pop down for a couple of drinks. You might have noticed that I’ve had plenty to say about The Needle & Pin this year, and that hadn’t gone unnoticed by our dining companions Karon & John, who were happy to come and sample the atmosphere (and the very well kept beer).

Karon & Mrs MOFAD went upstairs to bag a table whilst John & I ordered at the bar. We are still in the “Twelve days of Thornbridge” so there were three new Thornbridge beers on tonight. My first choice was Rattlesnake, a dangerously easy to drink 6.5% west coast IPA, strong, juicy and resinous.

Whilst enjoying our drinks we chatted about pubs, memories of the old electrical shop that was here before (Karon & John have lived in the area longer than us) and then had a quick attempt at playing one of the board games that sit invitingly in the corner of the room upstairs. We wanted Scrabble (well, I did, because I’m a wordsmith) but that was in use, so we had a few rounds of Yes/No and then went back to chat.

And back to the bar, this time for Thornbridge Lucaria, an ice cream porter brewed with lactose for a smooth finish. Essentially it is chocolate ice cream in a glass, delicious.

The pub was getting busier by this point, more people coming in for some tasty Thornbridge ales. As Mrs MOFAD and I are off to an Xmas party tomorrow night, we decided to call it a night. Karon & John were impressed by their first visit to the N&P so I’m sure they’ll be back.

I’ll be back next weekend (schedule permitting) to pick up the final selection box for this year 🙂

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