Beer of the month, November 2016 – Universal Mind by Beavertown

There were lots of beers that nearly made the shortlist this month, such as  Mosaic Pale Ale by London Beer Lab, Bloody Notorious by Beavertown, Comfortably Numb by BAD Co, and BrewDog’s Jet Black Heart.

Here are the top five for this month. It’s been another month for home beers, nothing that I’ve had whilst out and about has made the list. And there’s no IPA in the list either. I’m as shocked as you.

We start with one that does exactly what it says on the tin (bottle). Old Engine Oil by Harviestoun Brewery. If it’s called that, you’d expect it to be thick, dark and delicious. And it is. Exactly that. Smooth and creamy with coffee, toffee and chocolate.

Something a lot lighter up next, in the form of Atlantic APA by Brixton Brewery from a Needle & Pin selection box. Hoppy and properly pale loveliness makes for a very good ale.


Into cans next for a Pride & Joy by Vocation brewery. I’d only seen these in Booths until recently, but you can now find some of their cans in Tesco. Pride & Joy is a super hoppy APA much like the Atlantic APA above.

We go dark again, for Holy Cowbell India Stout by Beavertown brewery.  This one features heavy malts, lots of fruits and plenty of hops. There are hints of lavender in here too. It’s very drinkable indeed.

We stay with Beavertown for our winner, Universal Mind by Beavertown, their Rainbow Project 2016 collaboration with ParrotDog, a take on the old German style called Adambier.


Oak. Smoke. Sweetness. Marsala. Creaminess. A strong sipper. Good complexity. My favourite Rainbow Project beer so far. It goes forward to beer of the year…

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