BBC Good Food Show Winter, The NEC, November 2016

We have been visiting the Good Food show since at least 1999. It is an annual pilgrimage. A great chance to pick up lots of interesting food and drink from smaller producers, some familiar, some new. There are big names there, such as the usual giant Lakeland shop:-

Most of the stalls are much smaller though, for small producers to sell direct to the public. Each year you try and work out who was there last year, who is new, and who is returning after a year off. One of my favourites from last year, Renegade Brewery from Berkshire were there again, with the same beers on show. L’Atypique craft cidre (nothing to do with that Stella nonsense) were also another returner.

On to some of the new. Absolutely loads of cider and gin producers this year, way more than breweries. I think that’s a first. In the Northern Ireland producers village there were lots of new stalls to look around, several breweries, cider producers and lots of interesting foods.

We also found out about the Appkettle – a nice looking piece of shiny designed and developed by some fellow Loughborough graduates. A kettle that is controlled by an app. You can change temperatures, monitor water levels, boil it remotely and keep it warm for 30 minutes. It is a kettle that costs £130.

Now that sounds a lot for a kettle, but when you consider that this one will set you back the same amount:-


and it does nothing other than boil water, or that you could pay over 2 grand for this coffee machine:-


then it doesn’t sound quite so crazy after all. But we didn’t buy one. We did have a nice chat with the team behind it though.

We carried on trundling around, picking up some of our favourites (Dean’s biscuits, Spice’n’Tice chutneys, cheeses) as well as some new things (lots of interesting new canned beers and some Irish cider).

You’ll also spot a selection of ales from elsewhere, my annual refresh of herbs and spices from Fox’s spices, lots of garlic things from the Isle of Wight garlic farm, some tasty fish from Port of Lancaster smokehouse and some other bits and pieces. There are also a few gifts (not pictured) 🙂

Another great day out at the Good Food show. Not even the weirdness of Christmas cake cheese (yes, really) could put a downer on it. Well worth it.