Beavertown x Heretic – Peacher Man Peach Cobbler witbier

The third beer review from the Needle & Pin craft beer club selection box, and the sixth overall from both boxes. Let’s look through the beer blurb…

Beavertown / Heretic – Peacher Man Peach Cobbler witbier – two things you probably already know – Herectic love hops, and Beavertown love hops. However, that seemed a little obvious of a choice when constructing theirr collab, and would definitely have been the easy way out. So they started thinking about the classic dessert, the peach cobbler. They started by breaking down the recipe; peach, toasted oats, lemon zest, muscovado sugar and bourbon vanilla pods. They fermented the beer out with a delicate Belgian Wit ale strain to add hints of spice and fruit and completed the picture by dry hopping lightly with Nelson Sauvin to add another layer of the aroma.

Enter the “Peacher Man.” A silence falls on the bar as his distinctive Peacher garb sweeps over the dusty saloon doors. Outwardly a strict man of the cobbler, but there are murmurs on the warm prairie winds of his dubious morals and heavy-handed sweet justice. His drink is already poured, and without a word it is slid down the bar to a waiting palm. The quick wit of the barman renders not a quiver on the Peacher Man’s face. The young bandit reaches for his revolver but The Peacher Man has already fired. Another convert.


Those are their words. What about mine? Well, there are certainly peachy and vanilla notes in here, much heavier on the nose than the palate, as well as some yeasty and hoppy notes. I was expecting some huge flavours from this one (Beavertown never skimp on flavour) but they were rather muted. It is crisp and refreshing (thank the lemon zest for that) but just lacking that certain something.

There will be a sequel, as 50% of the wort was taken over to their Tempus Barrel Programme where the fermentation has been pulled into the wild world of Brettanomyces and its other funky bacterial cousins. The Peacher Man will return…

Surely it has to be Son of a Peacher Man?

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