Centro Lounge, Loughborough, November 2016

When is a Cosy Club not a Cosy Club? When it is a Loungers Lounge. The Cosy Club franchise is operated by Loungers who also own the “Lounge” neighbourhood café/bar franchise. So if some or all of this looks familiar, it’s because it is. We’ve been to the Cosy Club in Leicester a couple of times already (both almost exactly a year ago).

The Centro Lounge in Loughborough opened up this summer, as part of the new Cineworld development, and is one of a number of pre or post cinema dining options now available. Tonight we had an earlier screening to attend, so we needed some post cinema dining and decided to try the Centro Lounge.

There are a couple of decent beers on, as well as ciders and lots of cocktails. This Loungers Cruiser is brewed by Bristol Beer Factory specifically for the chain, cool and refreshing with some hints of hoppiness and bitterness.

On to food. Mrs MOFAD opted for the chicken, bacon and avocado burger with sweet potato fries, a grilled herb-marinated chicken breast with smoked streaky bacon, avocado, tomato, iceberg lettuce, garlic mayo and burger sauce:-

And I had the harissa-spiced chicken burger, chicken breast with red pepper mayo, pimento soft cheese and iceberg lettuce, which required a little deconstruction to get rid of the silly tin cup:-

This is what it should look like when there’s no silly cup, much better:-

Both of these were very tasty, but once again, the “house slaw” is way too heavy on the onion in fact it’s probably >75% onion. Iceberg lettuce is a bit of a cheap addition to the burgers with so many much better flavoured leaves now available. But they both make a nice dinner, and just what we needed as a quick bite to eat after a night out at the cinema. Quick and friendly service, very unfussy. We’ll be back!

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