London Beer Lab – Mosaic Pale Ale

The third beer review from the Needle & Pin craft beer club selection box #2 (and the fifth overall from both boxes). Let’s look through the beer blurb as usual…

A single hopped Mosaic American Pale Ale (APA) with a gentle fizz promosing scents of tangerine, pale malts and zesty hops. The palate suggests melon, marmalade and malt sugars with a grassy pine aftertaste.

Now a little about the brewery behind this. From their site in Brixton in 2012, London Beer Lab aimed to teach Londoners how to make beer, expadning to offer home brew supplies and bottled beers from London breweries, with their own commercial brewing operations located just around the corner.

Back on to the beer.

All the hallmarks of the classic modern pale ale, bitter, clean, crisp. Fruitiness coming through from the Mosaic hops. There’s a hint of smokiness in there somewhere. Pine and tropical fruit. #obvs

All in all, a really good pale ale. If you’re wondering if that stripe on the label is really an elastic band, well yes it is. Why is this? Too cheap to afford glue? Far from it. If you remove the label then you’ll find a little tick list on the back for tasting notes, and somewhere to jot down your improvements to the recipe.

A great idea, and they want you to start a conversation about the beer. Perhaps while drinking another one. Yes please!

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