Speak Easy Transatlantic Pale Ale from Powder Keg

The first beer review from the Needle & Pin craft beer club selection box #2 (and the third overall from both boxes). Let’s look through the beer blurb…

Speak Easy from Powder Keg is brewed in Devon by John Magill, a good friend of the N&P. It has been stocked ever since the N&P first opened, and I first had some back in May.


This “Transatlantic Pale Ale” is dry hopped to maximise the fruity aromatics whilst keeping bitterness in check and presenting a clean finish, bringing British reserve to the brash American pale ale, as if they were still part of the Empire.

It was good to have this one again, a fine example of pale ale loveliness. A good hoppy balance, hints of grapefruit and pineapple with perhaps a little honey somewhere in the background. A classic modern session pale ale that you can drink all night (or day if you’re starting with a Wetherspoons breakfast)…