#RainbowProject16 – beer #2 – Red – Universal Mind

Here it is, the second of seven posts from my #RainbowProject16 box of beers.

For more about #RainbowProject16, read my earlier post…

The second to make an appearance in my Rainbow Project glass was a collaboration between Beavertown of Tottenham Hale, London and Parrotdog of Wellington, New Zealand.  This is Red, Universal Mind, a Dortmunder Adambier – dark beer aged in Marsala barrels, an old German style.

Apparently, everybody at Parrotdog is called Matt, leading to some speculation that the whole brewery is a cloning experiment with varying degrees of success. The two breweries had the idea of brewing an historical or extinct style that’s rarely seen, hence the “Adambier”, a twist on an historic Dortmund recipe; started with traditional German malts, a touch of Scottish peat smoke, golden oats for a creamy body, and then finished with loads of Molasses and brown sugar, aged in Marsala barrels for as long as possible. This one weighs in at a hefty 10.5%, so it’s not one for you to #keepitsession…


There’s a lot going on in this glass. Oak. Smoke. Sweetness like toffee and treacle, maybe some caramelised orange. Marsala. Maltiness. Almost a hint of Xmas pudding perhaps. Creaminess. A strong sipper with good complexity. This would have been a great bonfire night beer. I suspect that it will make it into beer of the month. Looking forward to more #RainbowProject16 beers…

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