Wild Beer Co – Pogo – boing!

The second beer review from the Needle & Pin craft beer club selection box. Let’s look through the beer blurb…

A draught only release earlier this year which was such a hit with both customers and staff that Wild Beer decided that it needed a more accessible package. A big juicy fruit bomb with a low enough ABV to be session. Head brewer Brett built the recipe around his favourite tropical fruits, passion fruit, orange, guava and some more orange. The name comes from two pogo sticks acquired by the brewery at the same time. During tank transfers and when waiting for boils you could apparently hear the regular spring and thump of pogos in the yard…

I’ve been enjoying the work of Wild Beer Co since last summer, when I first had a can of their fruity pale ale “Bibble”. I picked up a few more cans in Booths at the start of the year, liking both “Fresh” and “Madness IPA” (the latter in particular had a very hoppy nose and delivered around 90% of what that nose promised!) During that same visit I also grabbed some bottles of Wild Goose Chase (fizzy, tart, sweet and sour), Sourdough (like a cider without the sweetness), Somerset Wild (another cider that’s not a cider, as it’s a beer) and Modus Operandi (sweet, sour, blueberry, blackberry, red wine).

On to today’s offering then…

Pogo is super fruity on the nose, definitely passion fruit coming through. The palate is more relaxed, but a very tasty and hoppy pale ale that I could drink a lot of. Very easy to #keepitsession with this one. A very good pale ale.

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