Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. needs your help

It’s another brewery post!

After backing a couple of successful brewery projects earlier this year (Wildcraft and Wibblers) it’s time to dive in with another.

Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co was set up by head brewer Paul Greetham in 2015, with the aim of making interesting beer that’s packed full of flavour. They make very hoppy IPAs; fruity pale ales; funky saisons; imperial coffee porters; English old ales, as well as anything else that takes their fancy. These things also take my fancy as you’ll know from reading this blog for a while!


Generation IPA (Chinook, Citra & Vic Secret hops) poured into their branded 2/3 pint stemmed beer glass

However, being a small 100% independent brewing company has its drawbacks. They currently do not own their own brewing system or have their own premises, and have so far been “cuckoo brewing” on other breweries’ kits. However, this means they are at the whims of other breweries’ available capacity – which can be very unpredictable and infrequent and might leave them unable to furnish trade and wholesale customers with a regular supply of beer.

They plan to use pledges to buy their own brewing system that will allow them to make 1,000 litres of beer per brew, up to 3 times per week, to meet current demand as well as giving them capacity to increase their distribution.

Why pledge?

1) You will be supporting UK based manufacturers: as well as the brewery manufacturer and installation firm being UK based, they source the vast majority of their ingredients and packaging from local and UK wide companies where possible.

2) Contributing to the growth and success of a burgeoning craft beer scene: there has very rarely been a more exciting time in the history of UK and global beer. Your support will directly contribute to the continued innovation of beer.

3) The rewards on offer are either of greater financial value than your pledge, or are exclusive to this crowdfunding project.


You can find out lots more details and pledge here:-

I’ve pledged. Can you?

(All images copyright Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co)

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