#RainbowProject16 – beer #1 – Orange – Descent into the Maelstrom

Here it is, the first of seven posts from my #RainbowProject16 box of beers. Actually, make that eight because I’ll have to do a post ranking them all. #obvs

For more about #RainbowProject16, read my earlier post…

First to make an appearance in my Rainbow Project glass was a collaboration between Burning Sky Beer from Sussex, who are based about 10 miles away from where we spent many childhood holidays, although I’ve never had one of their beers, and Liberty Brewing Co, who are based about 11,500 miles away, north west of Auckland in New Zealand. I had one of their beers in March.

This collaboration was the colour orange, named Descent into the Maelstrom and described as a “borderless” ale aged in white Burgundy barrels with orange zest & pink grapefruit.

It can’t make up its mind what it wants to be. A sour wit (wheat beer)? A fruity IPA? Some kind of Belgian yeasty, winey thing? An interesting confusion. The fruitiness is there at the start and on the nose, and then makes a final appearance at the end of the finish. Not getting the hoppiness that you’d expect from a New Zealand pale. Kind of a zesty saison really, and I’m not sure I could taste much grapefruit.

It was good to be confounded by this one, but it’s not going to make it into beer of the month because their have been some strong candidates this month. Looking forward to more #RainbowProject16 beers…


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