Celebrate Halloween with “Screams of Whiskey”

Sometimes a vaguely interesting press release comes my way. Today was one of those times. You’ll note that the post title features the alternative spelling of whisky, as this particular press release features an Irish version of that spirit. It’s not one that you’ll find me drinking, but this sounds like an interesting use for it.

Once the trick and treating is out of the way, kick back and relax with a Screams of Whiskey cocktail, cheekily named after The Pogues’ 1984 song Streams of Whiskey . Featuring whiskey, rum and bird’s eye chilli, its little kick is sure to chase the ghosts away.


25ml The Pogues Irish Whiskey
25ml Navy Rum
25ml freshly squeezed orange juice
15ml fresh lemon juice
15ml fresh lime juice
15ml agave syrup
1/4 of a red bird’s eye chilli


Shake and dump (do not take this too literally, I think it means “empty into drinking vessel”)
Garnish with orange, mint sprig and chilli
Serve in a pewter tankard


The Pogues Irish Whiskey is available at select bars across the UK and in 70cl bottles from online retailers including Amazon, Drinksupermarket and Master of Malt priced around £30.

All brands featured are manufactured and/or distributed by Halewood Wines & Spirits, the UK’s largest independent alcoholic drinks manufacturer.

About Halewood Wines & Spirits (www.halewood-int.com)

Based in Merseyside, Halewood Wines & Spirits was founded by the late John Halewood in 1978. Today, still owned by the Halewood family, Halewood International Holdings PLC is the UK’s largest independent drinks manufacturer and distributor, with a turnover of £231 million, selling over 21 million physical cases each year and exporting to 75 countries.

Employing 1,000 “drinks specialists” worldwide, the Halewood Wines & Spirits group has five operations outside the UK – South Africa, China, Thailand, Ireland and Romania. In addition to global brands Red Square, Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Lambrini (shudder) and Whitley Neill, Halewood International offers full service support for Agency Brands in the UK and international markets.

Unique amongst these markets is Romania where they own and operate several vineyards, producing and bottling their own wine. Halewood Romania also bottles their own spirits and RTDs, distributing both their own products and agency brands to on and off trade outlets, including twelve retail outlets owned and operated by Halewood Romania.

This next bit should be read really fast in the style of those bits at the end of radio adverts, or American pharmaceutical adverts that have a disclaimer of “may cause anal leakage”. And yes, that is a thing, we saw it on telly in Las Vegas. And those two words are going to bring in some interesting hits for this post!

Drinkaware (drinkaware.co.uk) provides consumers with information to make informed decisions about the effects of alcohol on their lives and lifestyles. Halewood International is a funder of Drinkaware and an active supporter of the “Why Let Good Times Go Bad?” campaign.

Drinkaware’s public education programmes, grants, expert information and educational resources help create awareness and effect positive behaviour change. An independent charity established in 2007, Drinkaware works with the medical profession, the alcohol industry and Government to achieve its goals.

One of the flagship initiatives of Drinkaware is “Why Let Good Times Go Bad?” – a £100 million campaign running over five years to challenge the social acceptability of drunkenness. Run by Drinkaware in partnership with the drinks industry and Government, it is targeted at 18 – 24 year olds. The campaign encourages people to adopt “smart drinking” tips, such as eating before drinking and pacing alcoholic drinks with water, to prevent a good night from going bad.
Drinkaware has recently launched ‘My Drinkaware’ an easy to use on-line Drinks tracker to help adults understand the impact of alcohol on their lives and lifestyles.


All this talk of whisky has reminded me that we really need to organise another meeting of the cabal, as we haven’t met since June 2015, although we’ve come tantalisingly close on a few occasions!


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