RSPB Minsmere cafe, Suffolk, October 2016

A quick post this one. We came to Minsmere last year, and had a great day out bird nerding (we are very much amateur twitchers, with a general appreciation for wildlife).

One of our only definite plans for our Suffolk week was to return to Minsmere, and as today had the best forecast for all of the week, we drove down from Southwold and set off on our birding adeventure.

We made our way around several hides in the morning, spotting marsh harriers again:-

There were plenty of water fowl, a baby deer and a bearded tit:-

A quick note to TripAdvisor, a bearded tit is a common wetland bird, aka bearded reedling (latin name Panurus biarmicus), and you should really allow it through your profanity filter when it is clearly mentioned in the context of bird watching and not a cheap reference to Bill Oddie.

And if all those birds weren’t enough excitement before lunch, we also caught a bittern in flight:-

After all that excitement, we needed a lunch break. Today, there were some problems in the kitchen, so they couldn’t offer a full menu. So no ploughmans like last time, and I had to make do with just a ham and cheese sandwich:-

It was very nice, absolutely stuffed with good ham and cheese, not just a couple of wafer thin or tasteless slices of each. In fact the filling was probably thicker than the slices of bread containing it!

More bird nerding followed, with shoveller, teal, wigeon, heron, little egret, meadow pipit, black tailed godwit, redshank and snipe:-

We think we saw 27 species of bird today, a grand day out. After all that excitement, we popped back in to the cafe for tea and cake, and this maple and pecan slice (one of the few things Imago can do well) hit the spot:-

Mrs MOFAD was disappointed not to get a toasted teacake, as apparently you can’t have one after 2:30pm, which is just madness. Instead she had a too sweet piece of millionaire’s shortbread.

Minsmere is a great place for a relaxed day of bird watching, ideal for beginners, amateurs or professionals with their £8,000 camera lenses…


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