The White Horse, Westleton, Suffolk, October 2016

Another bike riding day today. We parked at Dunwich Beach (lovely big car park) and then set off on our ride. Westleton was our lunch destination, we had visited the village last year when we came for dinner at The Crown. We decided that it was probably a bit too posh for cyclists, even though we were perfectly presentable after some pleasant country lane cycling.

Instead we chose The White Horse, you guessed it, an Adnams pub, in Westleton. Being a Tuesday lunchtime in early October, we weren’t expecting it to be rammed, but there was only one other couple inside, and it did have a bit of a feel of An American Werewolf in London about it. We looked over at the menu and ordered some lunch.

First, as usual, some drinks. For me, Adnams Jack Brand Mosaic Pale Ale, a pint of happy, fruity hoppiness. You’ll also spot Matt’s Blackshore stout and a lime and soda for Mrs MOFAD. Hazel’s tea is not pictured because it hadn’t arrived yet. Apparently she is partial to a cup of tea. Who knew?

My ham ploughmans arrived, and it was very tasty, good ham, decent salad, nice piccalilli, good chutney, and nice bread. It would have been even better on a plate, but in fact it was a double whammy of slate inset into a bread board. Hazel also had the same, and Mrs MOFAD had a tasty sandwich. The  portions are fairly modest but every ingredient is a good one.

When we get to Matt’s lunch, there’s a different story. He fancied something a bit lighter, so had some battered garlic mushrooms and some bread and oil/balsamic vinegar. The batter was mushy and greasy, like it hadn’t been cooked at a high enough temperature, and the £3.50 bread was just one slice cut into strips, about the same amount as you can see on my “plate” above. That’s a rip off.

A shame really, but the £3.50 slice of bread is something that’s fairly easy to address at least!

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