The Bell Inn, Walberswick, Suffolk

After a relaxed weekend at the start of our Suffolk adventure, today we picked up the pace a bit. Well, half of us did.

Mrs MOFAD has been suffering from a cold over the last few days and was not yet ready for cycling. So Matt & I decided to cycle out on our own and meet Mrs MOFAD & Hazel (Secretary of State for tea & cake) later on. We had a good ride out, and when we eventually located the ladies (after visiting three different car parks due to some logistical issues) we had a little stroll and then headed off to the pub for lunch. The forecast had predicted a possible lunchtime shower, so we decided not to sit outside, locked the bikes up in the beer garden and headed inside.

The Bell Inn was our choice today, a lovely coastal pub in the quiet village of Walberswick. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s another Adnams pub. A lovely lunchtime menu offers some good choices, with three fishy sandwich options, two ploughmans and other pork and cheese choices alongside the usual full menu (which includes a very tempting Vietnamese style slow-cooked lamb shank with lemon grass and lime basmati rice).

Hazel & Matt had one of those ploughmans which was very good indeed and meant a free apple for the Minister 🙂

Mrs MOFAD opted for the crayfish tails and prawns in lime and dill mayonnaise sandwich, which was very tasty, with a very nice side salad – lovely carrot shavings.

A posh fish finger sandwich for me, smoked cod fish fingers with mayonnaise, lettuce and parmesan pea pesto in toasted ciabatta – this was crunchy and delicious, a proper posh fish finger sandwich. With parmesan pea pesto, it can’t be anything but posh!

As mentioned before, it’s an Adnams pub, so an Adnams pint accompanied lunch. A Cashmere IPA, which is a new one on me, but was spotted several times this week. The blurb says “Adnams Cashmere is an American-style session IPA with a clean, nutty malt base and smooth bitterness. The beer is late and dry-hopped with Cashmere to showcase its fruity aromas of lemon, gooseberry and coconut”.

All good words, but it doesn’t deliver on those words. A decent pale ale for sure, but not the right characteristics for an IPA or session IPA (and the ABV should be lower if it’s supposed to be session). I didn’t get any lemon, gooseberry or coconut, but a gentle hoppiness which works well with the tasty sandwich.

The Bell Inn is a lovely seaside pub, well worth cycling to (or driving to). It’s a very easy ride from Southwold, with very little road involved if that’s your preference. There’s a nice (and big) beer garden out the back for the warmer months, and plenty of tables inside.

Without a doubt MOFAD approved, probably one of my favourite pubs of the week!