Adnams Cellar & Kitchen, Southwold, Suffolk, October 2016

A return visit to Adnams Cellar & Kitchen. After a lazy Sunday morning (I’d cooked the customary full English earlier on) we had a stroll around Southwold, along the beach, along the pier and just generally mooching about with MOFAD companions Hazel & Matt and Janette & Steve.

We’d made up our minds where we would be lunching today, and with some dark clouds looming overhead, we decided the time had come to take shelter and seek sustenance. As it turned out, the clouds blew away and the sun came out, but the decision to eat was still the right one!

If you want to know more about Adnams Cellar & Kitchen, then you can read the previous post. It’s pretty much identical to when we visited last year, with only a few changes in stock with new beers and wines on offer.

Several options on tap in the cafe today, I plumped for the Jack Brand Dry Hopped lager, something I’ve had in bottles before and from the keg it was an improvement on the bottled version. It doesn’t live up to the hoppy promises of its blurb, “a super hoppy aroma of tropical fruits, citrus and passionfruit” but it’s a decent effort that needs more hops.

Mrs MOFAD opted for some tasty butternut squash soup:-

Let’s step back to 2015. Here is the smoked fish brewer’s board I had then:-


And now here is today’s:-

Not a lot has changed, in fact it could still be the same board, with more scratches and scrapes after 14 months of going through the dishwasher every day. The difference is the addition of shrimps and the switch of the horseradish and capers for a dill mayonaisse. The horseradish was very good with the mackerel and it was missed, but today’s board was still very tasty, very good fish and the bread is also very nice.

Adnams Cellar & Kitchen is still MOFAD approved, and when you’ve had your lunch you can go shopping and buy some beer, gin, wine, chutneys, jams and other stuff besides. We did just that…


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