Tegg’s Nose Country Park cafe, featuring Danbert Nobacon

If my 1997 reference is too much for you, Danbert Nobacon (born Nigel Hunter) was the lead “singer” and keyboard player in Chumbawumba. Although they’ve released about 15 albums, if you’ve ever heard of them, it’s because of Tubthumping (I get knocked down, but I get up again, repeat ad infinitum).

Why am I quoting this nearly 20 year old nonsense? Because no bacon was very much the theme of the morning.

Imagine you have a cafe in the car park of a popular Cheshire country park. Imagine that for a week, the weather forecast has been telling you that today (Sunday) was going to be a glorious day, the best of the whole week. You’d probably make sure you had enough food in to cope with that situation.

You certainly wouldn’t want to run out of white bread and bacon only 20 minutes after opening would you? That would be very bad. Especially when seven people turn up wanting breakfast. Well it happened. They had enough bacon for three sandwiches. No eggs or any substitute. Even though there are chickens roaming free just 100 yards down the road.

Luckily, the Minister was prepared. We had some bacon with us, because we’d been camping for the weekend, and had cooked our own breakfast yesterday. Today, to save time (that turned out to be a false economy) we decided to pack up camp and head here for breakfast before our walk. So we presented them with our bacon and it was turned into sandwiches to supplement the ones that were available.

The cafe were very good about this, helpful and friendly rather than hostile and defensive about the situation. We also ordered some teas, toast and jam and toasted teacakes.

The tea was good, the bacon sandwiches (our bacon and their bacon) were good. The toast was good (decent bread, not just cheap sliced white). Even Suzy Bonce (regular walking companions Mark & Al’s lovely dog/ninja hound) was keen to try some food. The cafe is very dog friendly, and Suzy is always well behaved.

After breakfast we were off out to the surrounding countryside (the parking charge of £2.50 for the whole day is a bargain) to enjoy the lovely views and sunshine.

When we got back to the cafe after our walk, the “running out” hadn’t stopped. They’d run out of cakes and ice cream (just a few orange ice lollies left), and pretty much anything that wasn’t tea. I think they need a few lessons in stock control and weather watching.

Worth popping in if you are using the car park as the starting place for a longer walk or just a little stroll around the area. Hopefully they’ll have some food available!

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