Church House pub, Sutton, October 2016

It’s visit number three to the Church House. We were here a few weeks ago. We were here under 24 hours ago. We are back today.

After another great walk on an improving day (around 9 miles and lots of ups and downs) we had certainly earned our dinner tonight. We were expecting to be in the same room as last night (due to the lovely Ninja Hound being with us), but we had actually been “upgraded” into one of the main rooms. This was because Suzy had been so well behaved last night, and another group with a less well behaved dog had also booked for tonight.

This upgrade gave us a little more space to relax and enjoy our meals. First up some drinks, and I started with another Bosley Cloud from Storm Brewing after enjoying it last night.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, a camping and walking Saturday means that triple pork nirvana is alsmost certainly on, and you’d be right. Tonight it was finished off in some style, with spiced BBQ pork ribs, proper chips and some inconsequential bits of salad (nice attempt at a carrot flower though).

The ribs were really tender, and the BBQ sauce was just right, piquant and peppery without being cloying. Plenty of sauce to dip the chips into too 🙂 This was accompanied by another pint of Concept #14 from Mobberley Brewhouse, the fruity red ale that’s heavy on the malt and very tasty. Worked well with the spiced sauce.

You’ve probably also spotted that Mrs MOFAD can’t resist a curry, and that’s what she had here, a great pub korma.

A tempting pudding was on offer, so we gave in to the temptation of sticky toffee pudding.

Another great night at this fantastic village pub. You should definitely stop by if you find yourself camping just down the road or just passing through one day. Friendly, welcoming and with great food and drink, this is a great British pub.


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