Beer of the month – September 2016 – Foreign Extra Stout by Dancing Cows

It’s another month featuring only bottled beers, and only one of them from a bar or pub. This is another “a few drinks at home” month, with a few others at a camp site with friends.

We start with a Spring + Summer Session IPA Simcoe Enigma by Cloudwater Brew Co.


A very good gentle session IPA, full of happy hoppiness but it lacks the pleasing punch of the DIPA series such as DIPA v3

Another DIPA next (you’ll know that I do like some hoppy beasts). This one is Mr. President by BrewDog, described by them as “an All-American gung-ho of a beer, the first amendment in full on, full tilt flavour. A star spangled banner of big fruit. A Cadillac of chewy toffee malt rolls down the interstate and accelerates hard into relentless bitterness, with sniper bursts of apricot, mango and pine. The Defcon I of IPAs. An all-out bedrock patriot, hell-bent on global domination.”


Piney, sweet and resinous but lacking the big hop hit you might expect from a BrewDog beast, particularly with all those big words to accompany it. Dare I say that it needs more hops?

We venture out for our next beer, a Spreadsheet Ninja Citra Pils by Weird Beard Brew Co. (who love a comedy beer name). Aromas of melon, peach and zesty citrus are met with bready malts and caramel. Similar flavours appear in this lightly sweet yet balanced lager.


Hoppy pils! Yes please! This was very nice and further proof that lager can be good and not just associated with the F word.

We now take a trip to the camp site, for a couple of campfire beers with friends.First, an Imperial 15 by Red Cat Brewing, full of coffee, molasses, chocolate and dried fruit. The balance of flavours belies its strength.

This month’s winner is Foreign Extra Stout by Dancing Cows, a deep, complex and strong stout, perfect for sipping on a cool evening outside.


Fruity flavours, roasty flavours, coffee flavours, smoothness. A very worthy winner of beer of the month. Delicious!

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