The Priory, Loughborough, September 2016

It’s another Priory post. A regular haunt for a catch up and a gossip after work, always good food, but always provokes one reaction. #wewantplates

That same reaction will be coming soon, but first a new beer (to the Priory, and to me). I have had a few of the new Caledonian beers recently and have seen this one in a few places. A Coast to Coast pale ale, which lacks paleness but is a pleasant pint to accompany your dining. Another cool glass to add to their range too.

On to dinner. I’ve been working my way through some of their burgers on previous visits, so it was time for another. This time it was the turn of the cajun chicken burger to come under scrutiny. It comes with emmental cheese, tomato chutney, pesto mayo, coleslaw, a whole pickle (gherkin) & chips

It doesn’t come with a plate though. Again, the boards have been replaced, but by bashed up metal trays instead. I’ve done enough moaning about this, so let’s move on. The cajun chicken burger is really nice, subtle cajun spices unlike some that are just all cayenne pepper and nothing else. It doesn’t swamp everything else, so you can also taste the cheese, the pesto mayo and the tomato chutney.

The chips have escaped the silly metal cup, so they are at last free to frolic in salt and vinegar. But I’m never a fan of waxy paper. These little niggles detract from a nice meal. I should probably get over it, but I can’t. So get over it.

Another nice meal at The Priory. Despite the minor annoyances, I will keep coming back. Always good food.

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