The Bell, Amesbury #henge

Today was all about one thing. This thing:-

A henge (atypical). The most famous of henges. Stonehenge.

Before all of that, some lunch was called for. We decided to visit nearby Amesbury to dine at The Bell. Being a Wetherspoons, we knew exactly what we would be getting, consistency and decent service. When fifteen people turn up, some pubs get into a bit of a panic. Not in a ‘spoons. They can cope.

There was an obviously new lad behind the bar who was struggling a bit (it looked like his first day on the job). But he did his best and apologised for being a bit slow, and all of our party eventually had their orders in whilst the rest of us had been reorganising the tables to get everyone sat together.

As I’ve said before, ‘spoons are everywhere, and wherever you go, you know what it will be like. Whether you’re in Hammersmith, Harlow or Hexham, you’ll find the same food menus and a great selection of real ales, bottled craft ales and some ciders, alongside the usual selection of fizzy watery stuff.

With 15 people ordering, there were lots of things coming out of the kitchen. Burgers, sandwiches, soup for Mrs MOFAD and a few others. I opted for the BBQ chicken & bacon panino, simple and tasty with some chips on the side. A simple lunch, and just right for today.

Beer was also on the menu, and you can usually keep it local when ‘spooning. This Great Bustard from Stonehenge Ales was a classic Ruby bitter, and cheaper than buying a bottle from the Stonehenge visitor centre!

Stonehenge is a fantastic day out (you’ll find that you can spend a lot of time wandering round in a circle looking at old stones), and The Bell makes a great place to refuel.

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