Rose and Crown, Tilshead, September 2016

This is going to be one of those rare posts that does not have a happy ending. It all started happily enough. We were camping nearby (that’s a common sentence for the summer). We had planned to come here for dinner. We had contacted the pub in advance to book a table for fifteen. Would you mind awfully pre-ordering they said. No problem we said. We pre-ordered for fifteen.

We arrived on time and ordered some drinks. A pint of innocence by Plain Ales was my choice, a standard golden ale.

And then 45 minutes later, some pre-ordered porky goodness for Mrs MOFAD, with an Old Rosie cider and apple sauce:-

Fishy goodness for me, supreme of salmon with asparagus and a light creamy cheese sauce:-

Rather a long delay for a pre-ordered set of meals.

The food was good (apart from the lasgne which was a poor effort). The 14 plates that all arrived were good. The fifteenth appeared to have got lost. The pub were adamant that only 14 meals had been ordered. Even when presented with the e-mail that that clearly showed 15 orders. They did relent and cook the missing meal, which eventually arrived after nearly everyone else had finished. But there was no apology. No offer of a free drink. No compensation. No remorse.

We were planning to stay for the rest of the evening, drink some more beer, play some games, have some laughs. But the attitude that we had received didn’t really make us feel like doing that. The waitress and bar staff were lovely, but the landlady was just not interested in her customers.

Very nice food (with one exception), good beer, but a poor attitude make this hard to recommend.

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