The Marquis Wellington, Leicester, September 2016

Does this pub look familiar? Four visits last year (although just one so far this year). Yes, it’s our usual pre-show haunt when off to see something at De Montfort Hall. Tonight, that something was Sarah Millican’s latest show “Outsider”. It’s been a long time coming, having bought the tickets way back in March 2015. It’s become a trend for big touring comedy shows to go on sale so far in advance. We will return to the show later.

On to the Marquis. Ideally situated on the way from the train station to De Montfort Hall, it was very busy on this Thursday night, being a pleasant autumn evening. There were loads of people sat outside on the “beer patio”, and the doors were open. Unfortunately this meant that cigarette smoke was drifting in from the patio, which was not so pleasant.

The other thing that was not so pleasant was the long wait at the bar. It’s a very wide bar, which means there’s plenty of room for lots of people to get served. If there are only 2 people serving behind the bar, and they are not particularly speedy, this does lead to a long wait for everyone, with the queue building as more people start arriving.

Eventually I managed to order our dinner and some drinks. Thursday night is burger night, so you can choose any burger and one from a limited range of drinks for a fixed price. Mrs MOFAD ordered the Beer Battered Halloumi burger, with garlic mayo and sun-dried tomatoes. It had much less garlic than last time, although Mrs MOFAD found it to be overly greasy.

I opted for fish’n’chips, a pub classic. It was supposed to be served with mushy peas. Look what turned up.

A thimble with some green stuff in it. Travesty. When there is more tartare sauce (home made, very good) than mushy pea, you know there’s something not right. How can you serve that up in all good conscience? The fish’n’chips were decent (small portions of chips as ever), but what on earth is going on with that green goop? Either serve up some proper peas, or don’t bother. Weird green slime does not enhance your dining experience in any way.

Mrs MOFAD had a pint of Symonds cider (the only decent thing included in the “meal deal”). I opted for something new, IPA from Phipps NBC (which stands for Northampton Brewery Company). This was a bitter blonde ale, brewed to an authentic 1930s recipe (so they say), but in no way an IPA by today’s standards.

So a bit of a mixed visit to one of our favourite haunts. Not enough to put us off coming back soon, but a few things they need to ponder!

In other news, Sarah Millican was fantastic, supported by the excellent Tom Allen again. You’ve missed your chance to see this show though, as these were some of the penultimate dates. The DVD will be out soon.