Wildcraft Brewery Update

In case you’ve been wondering what’s been happening at Wildcraft, the brewery I helped to back earlier this year, apparently they have been “building, foraging and praying…”

It turns out that setting up a brewery can be quite a challenge, especially when you have a barn to convert, a car park to lay, water treatment tanks to install and red tape to cut through. The good news is that they are now completely licenced to trade. There is also a bit of bad news, in that they are still in the middle of building works and utility installations.

Wildcraft believe that site works will take another month to complete, at which point they should be able to use their new equipment for the first time. It will then be another 6-8 weeks before they can send out beer to everyone. The launch party will be around the same time and they are trying to book in two dates to ensure everyone can make at least one.

Here are a few pictures showing the equipment that they have purchased and some of the foraging they have been doing to get ingredients to make their beers and spirits. It currently spans 5 large chest freezers!

If you enjoy foraging, why not get out into the countryside and earn some beer vouchers while you are at it? Wildcraft offer beer vouchers for every kilo of fruit you pick. They are currently looking for blackberries, damsons and sloes (although it’s probably a bit early for sloes).

Photos (c) Wildcraft Brewery.

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