Church House pub, Sutton, Cheshire, September 2016, visit #1

A good walk today. We did around 9 miles of classic Peak District walking, lots of ups and downs and plenty of great scenery.

We arrived at just the right time and grabbed some tables, pondered the menus and got our orders in. Some beer first, a Beaufort’s Ale by Storm Brewing Co from nearby Macclesfield. Gentle caramel notes in this one.

Triple pork nirvana was at stake today, and a glance over at the specials board gave the perfect answer – pan fried pork steaks with a honey and mustard sauce, with new potatoes and vegetables (not pictured, since they would spoil the photo). It was very tasty and a great reward for today’s walk.

This was accompanied by a Pride of Pendle by Moorhouse’s Brewery, it has the classic maltiness of an English bitter.

We all agreed that we had earnt a pudding, so we ordered and then relaxed with another drink whilst waiting for it to arrive. I opted for a Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale by Black Sheep, a zesty dark golden ale.

Here comes a lovely dark chocolate fudge cake. You know my feelings on puddings by now, you should always go for the chocolate option. Once again this proved to be the correct choice.

And even a tiny bit of orange as a post-pudding pudding.

The Church House is a lovely village pub with great food and great beers. It seems to be thriving in this lovely little village, and you should definitely stop by if you find yourself camping just down the road or just passing through.

We are coming back to the same camp site in a few weeks (weather permitting) and we will be back here as the Church House is dog friendly and we will have Suzy the ninja hound with us…

MOFAD approved!

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