The Flower Pots, Cheriton, September 2016 #2

A quick follow up post. We ate here last night. Tonight, we had dinner at The Globe, and it was delicious. We wanted to stay out longer and play some games, so decided to come back to the Flower Pots, as it is more suited for some gentle gaming than the more refined Globe. Another tasty pint of Perridge Pale to lubricate the brain for a game of Marrakech.


If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s very easy to play. I could describe it, but this is 2016 so you can watch a video instead:-

Another lovely night at this lovely village pub.

The Globe, Alresford, September 2016

After a lovely day out at the Alresford show we headed off for a cup of tea at the station, then back to the camp site for a quick change, and then back to Alresford for some dinner. This pub looked most enticing, so we had booked a table. It was warm and inviting inside.

We ordered some food and drinks and relaxed. First up for me was a pint of Young’s London Stout. As sometimes happens with stouts in pubs, this was served too cold which subdued the gentle roast malt flavours. A nice pint when it warmed up.

There was some local cider for Mrs MOFAD, which we had sampled at the show a few hours earlier. Meon Valley Cider was lightly sparkling from the bottle, a classic cider with toffee apple flavours.

Dinner arrived. I opted for the pan fried fillet of hake, with watercress (obviously!), burnt pineapple puree, roasted sweet potato, ginger, chilli & coriander dressing. This was absolutely delicious, a lovely piece of fish with great flavours to accompany it.

This was accompanied by the always reliable Bath Ales Gem, a balance of malt and hops that makes for a classic English bitter.

It would be rude not to have pudding. Sticky toffee pudding in this case, with salted caramel sauce and vanilla clotted cream. Sweet and tasty.

A really nice meal at a really nice pub. Nothing was rushed, everything was relaxed, and their was a friendly atmosphere. Lots of diners on this very busy Saturday night, but the team were able to cope with everyone. Good food and good beer are the perfect combination for MOFAD approval!

The Alresford Show, Hampshire, September 2016

This was the reason for being in the area this weekend. Several of us had planned to have a “Great British Camp Off” and enter various things into the show (cakes, knitted items, photographs, an arrangement of vegetables, all the kinds of things that you get at village shows).

Unfortunately, when we came up with this great idea, we hadn’t reckoned on how busy we would be in the weeks leading up to the show, so in the end we didn’t actually get round to creating anything to enter.

This meant that we went to the show purely as spectators, which was still very good fun. It’s a big country show, in the classical style. We’d enjoyed our visit to the Malham show last year, and this was along the same lines, only bigger. Where else do you find little stalls selling local ice cream sitting next to a massive stand selling combine harvesters? A little artisan burger stall next to somewhere selling grain silos? And where else would you find a wooden bike with disc brakes?

This is just a quick post about lunchtime at the show. As you would expect, there are plenty of options to choose from, catering for most tastes. I opted (this will shock you!) for beer and pizza.

The beer was from the same pub we went to last night (The Flower Pots, Cheriton) who have a stall at the show. This was a pint of Flower Pots bitter, a classic malty English bitter:-

The pizza was from Ella’s wood fired pizza – simply made and perfectly cooked in minutes (plus queuing time as it was very popular).

A lovely day out at a lovely country show – looking forward to going again next year!