The Flower Pots, Cheriton, September 2016

A classic sleepy village pub in Hampshire.

We were camping down the road (a familiar story over the summer time) and given there were very few facilities on the camp site, pub dinners were in order. We don’t really need an excuse to go to the pub for dinner as you know, but let’s just say that’s what it was 🙂

The Flower Pots is a classic little village pub. You’re not going to get people drinking out of jam jars with straws, or things served on slates, bread boards, skateboards or anything other than a sensible plate or bowl.

Beer is served directly from the barrel which are all racked behind the bar. No pumps, no sparklers, no nothing. Straight from barrel to pint glass. Oh, and they have their own brewery too. So there are no beer miles here, just beer yards as the barrels are transported across the car park from brewery to pub. Lots to choose from too.

I started with Perridge Pale, a light and hoppy delight to refresh the weary traveller.

As you might expect, there are also ciders available and Mrs MOFAD enjoyed a couple of these.

Time for another round before dinner arrives, this Gyle 1500 red ale. When a beer tells me it has 15 hops, I’m going straight for it. Sadly I couldn’t find the evidence of these 15 hops (as a lover of the hop), but it was a nice red ale which worked well with dinner. Let’s move on to that.

This is an uncomplicated place, and that’s reflected in the menu. All food is freshly prepared and they will even stop taking orders for a bit if they can’t get them out in a reasonable time. Simple food done well isn’t something we see enough of in places like this, so it’s always nice when you encounter it.

There were several stews on offer (so easy to do and so tasty when you get it right). Mrs MOFAD had one of those, and dining (& camping) companions Chris & Caroline also did. The stews were very tasty indeed, and the garlic bread accompaniment was also well endowed with garlic.

There was another option on the menu, which echoes my sentiment about simple things done well. Steak and chips. No messing around with trying to get you to pay another 2 pounds for a peppercorn sauce, onion rings, or some garnish. Just simple steak and chips. Meat from a local butcher. Simple, brilliant. It was delicious.

We stayed on to drink some more and play some card games. A pint of Goodens Gold was a good and hoppy golden ale.

What a lovely pub. Simple food done well. Great beer brewed just yards from the pub. Dog friendly (we met several nice dogs). No bookings, just turn up. Food is served 12:00-1:45 every day, and 7-8:45 Monday to Saturday (no food Sunday evenings). Wednesday night is an exception, where curry is served from 6:30-8:45