Charnwood Brewery, August 2016

For a town that has always been blessed with pubs, and several always serving decent beer, it’s taken Loughborough a long time to get its own brewery.

Launched in December 2014, Charnwood Brewery were the ones to right this wrong, thanks to the Reed family who have the motto of ‘brewing happy beer!’

Andrew and Andrea were initially helped out by their son George, who later went off to University, so they recruited Andy (yes that’s far too many And- people for one brewery), a former landlord of The Swan in the Rushes. They have other people on board helping out too.

They quickly gained a reputation for brewing good beer, first around Charnwood pubs and then in the wider East Midlands area. Their beers are now found up and down the country, and are still very popular in their local area.

Their shop and brewery tap have seen plenty of visitors through the doors, selling their core range of beers in bottles, mini kegs and “bag in a box” all year round, as well as their seasonal beers at the appropriate time.

The only question that you probably have is “why has it taken you so long to visit?”

The answer is simple – just haven’t had the time. I’ve been drinking the beer in local pubs ever since it was first launched, but as you can tell from most of the posts here, we’ve been busy travelling around the country and visiting different breweries and beer festivals and what not, our local one has been neglected. Haven’t had the chance to go after work either!

Anyway, today I put that right, with a quick lunchtime trip to stock up on their current range of bottled beers:-

It’s a lovely little brewery, despite the unglamorous industrial estate location. You’re assured of a friendly welcome and some beer chat, or you can just dash in, load up a box with some beer, and then nip off to your next shopping destination, which is what I did today.

Charnwood Brewery are brewing some very good beers in our local area, if you’ve had some already, get down here and buy some. If you haven’t, get down here and try some and then buy some! A brilliant local business that is doing well and is well deserving of your support!

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