The George Hotel, Hayfield, August 2016

As mentioned yesterday, The Royal Hotel stops serving food early on Sundays, so that was out. Yet again, we tried to get in to The Sportsman Inn for dinner, but yet again they were completely full, even before 7pm. So instead we wandered back down to the village again, and settled on the George Hotel, another Hayfield hostelry that we’ve visited before. Being a Marston’s house, you’ll know the beer line up. Pick one from Marston’s, Ringwood and Jennings and you’ll be fairly safe.

Double Ringwood for me tonight, with Fortyniner up first, always reliable.

Sometimes you just have to keep it classic. Fish’n’chips with a beer and black pepper batter, mushy peas and tartare sauce. Hard to get wrong, and nice when it’s done right (like tonight). Mrs MOFAD opted for lamb kleftiko, a Greek classic.

The other Ringwood offering tonight is the classic golden ale Boondoggle, always a good pub pint.

Another classic village pub in Hayfield, also worth a visit.

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