The Moon and Bell, Loughborough, August 2016

I have reached the point where I’m filling up with repeats. Some places were always bound to be repeated, especially favourites like The Needle & Pin and other regular hangouts. Some places get visited for specific purposes, usually on the way to something else.

The Moon & Bell is such a place. If we’re off to something at the Town Hall, then we’ll usually go here, because the food is quick and tasty, and there’s always something nice to drink. Tonight it was a pre-cinema dining venue. I can’t remember the last time that we went to the cinema in town. It’s probably been more than 10 years. Our local fleapit got run down and neglected, although it has allegedly upped its game.

However, we were off to visit the new kid in town, Cineworld, which is the centrepiece of a new development in place of our former town centre hosptial. It is full of chains that are also new to the town, but today we went for a familiar chain in the form of one of our two Wetherspoon pubs.

Some drinks first. Mrs MOFAD opted for a Milestone Brewing Co Raspberry & Wheat beer, which was pretty much all wheat and no raspberry.

As I’ve already mentioned, there are always plenty of beers to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to choose one. However, when I see the magic letters I, P and A they usually catch my eye. They are also very prone to false advertising though, and tonight there was another one falling in to that category. JDW Allegra IPAnema by Truman’s Brewery was a topical beer (Rio Olympics cash in) but nothing like an IPA. Sweet malts but no hops…

On to dinner. Something a bit different for once (the gourmet burger is my usual go to choice). Today it was salmon with bearnaise sauce, jacket potato and salad. It looks a little minimalist on the classic ‘Spoons plate (yay, a plate) but most importantly it was very tasty, with a piquant sauce (although they appeared to have forgotten to put any tarragon in).

Proof that you can eat healthily (I was just looking for some fish rather than a specific “health” meal) in a chain pub on a night out. You should probably leave the sauce alone if you are trying to be healthy though!

Going to the ‘Spoons is not all about a pint of Stella for breakfast, amusing though this stereotype is 🙂

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