The Priory, August 2016

We want plates!

I’m just saving time by summing up this review in my opening sentence. This is pretty much the same of all of my previous Priory reviews. They still aren’t getting the message that a plate is a thing.

So, on with the rest of it.

First, the new (to The Priory at least). Something other than Deuchars IPA (not an IPA) is now available. It’s Caledonian Three Hop, which is sadly false advertising. They’ve changed the glass design since I had it in The Snakecatcher, but they still haven’t put in the hops.

Next we play a game of “spot the deliberate mistake”. What is missing from this picture of a blue cheese and bacon burger?

Stupid metal tray instead of plate? Check!

Salad? Check!

Bacon? Check!

Blue cheese? Check!

Burger? Ah, err, no.

There was a bit of an error in the kitchen, and they forgot to put the burger in this burger. Luckily this was soon corrected, and the silly metal tray returned with a burger in the burger. As ever, it was very tasty, and very nicely done, but we still want plates!

Plates plates plates!